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AFFIRM Woman: Empowering Girls and Women across Africa

Welcome to our partnership page! We are an organisation dedicated to breaking barriers and enhancing opportunities for girls and women in Africa. Through education, skills training, and empowerment initiatives, we uplift the lives of countless women, paving the way for a brighter, more equal future. Our work is in line with the African Union Commission Agenda 2063’s Aspirations for the Africa We Want, as well as the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

AFFIRM Woman values the commitment, contribution, and impact that our partners, supporters, and sponsors bring to our community, whether through their time, resources, funds, or expertise. We invite like-minded organisations to join hands with us in this noble cause. Your collaboration can significantly impact this mission, mutually amplifying our reach and influence. You may partner with us in any of the following ways:

Take this journey with us

Are you an organisation looking to make a lasting impact? Partner with us to create employment opportunities. By extending job offers, internships, or training programmes, you can contribute to the social and economic independence of African women, empowering them to uplift their communities.

Sponsor our programmes

Your sponsorship can illuminate the path for many promising young girls and women. Whether it’s an educational seminar, a networking event, or a skills workshop, your support can provide them with the platform, voice and agency that they need to learn, grow, and flourish.

Volunteer with us

Can you share some of your time, space, knowledge and experience as part of your Corporate or Personal Social Responsibility? We have opportunities for you to speak at one of our events, publicise our work, mentor a young women, or lend your voice to our cause.

Donate now to make a difference

Consider donating to AFFIRM Woman to help our young women actualise their dreams. Your generous contribution can fund educational scholarships, skill development courses, and other empowerment initiatives. It can be a regular commitment or a one-off donation. Together, let us shape a future where every woman in Africa has the opportunity to succeed.

Come join us!

Join us in our mission to affirm every woman’s potential and contribute to a better, more equitable world.